I forget a lot of things, mostly about people and emotions. I remember a lot of things, mostly about knowledges and skills. So think back of my life, except the forgotten parts, others all seem like some heard stories, I feel numb about them, no matter it should be happy, sad or angry. I feel nothing.

Some people like to keep all their tickets, postcards or letters. I throw them away or keep them in somewhere I would never check again. Memories are meaningless and painful, mostly. 

People once are quite close to me, can be so strange from a sudden moment, I'm so getting used to detach to other stuff that I can just easily force myself to forget about them. Since I never have anything, so I don't afraid to lose anything. Not sure if it's pathetic or cold.

For all the persons appear in my life, I feel really grateful that meet u, but also sorry that eventually I will forget about you.  Maybe except a few, hopefully.