I’m drowning

new works are in progress



Haven't update this website for a long time

will try to do it in the next few weeks

all the events, new projects and commercial works...



Vacation in Italy. Clear my mind. 



I play dolls to escape from the real world. 

little girl little girl ... 



I have an ugly heart, that's why at least I need to look pretty from the outside.





Changed all my email addresses to my Gmail


Cannot afford missing any more important emails. 


Design is just like porn. Art is more like making love. Most exhibitions nowadays are just  porns. 


I like this photo


Took photos of dad and our cats last weekend


   Just back from a vacation in Korea. Very interesting trip.


Haven't bought any new dolls for a while, this one is a surprise. Both artists, the sculptor and the makeup artist, did quite good job. 

100 Limited Edition


Someone said,"people went through shits are more interesting."

Then I think the price for being interesting is a bit too expensive.


I forget a lot of things, mostly about people and emotions. I remember a lot of things, mostly about knowledges and skills. So think back of my life, except the forgotten parts, others all seem like some heard stories, I feel numb about them, no matter it should be happy, sad or angry. I feel nothing.

Some people like to keep all their tickets, postcards or letters. I throw them away or keep them in somewhere I would never check again. Memories are meaningless and painful, mostly. 

People once are quite close to me, can be so strange from a sudden moment, I'm so getting used to detach to other stuff that I can just easily force myself to forget about them. Since I never have anything, so I don't afraid to lose anything. Not sure if it's pathetic or cold.

For all the persons appear in my life, I feel really grateful that meet u, but also sorry that eventually I will forget about you.  Maybe except a few, hopefully.


When I'm alone at home, I like to walk naked.

It feels free.

How long haven't you watched your body carefully?

This is the only thing that will never leave us,

so be nice.

A restart, a new start

          Thank you for my friends pushing me relaunched my domain after abandoned it for almost 2 years.

          Hello world.