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[美领馆讲座 | ShAC Talk] 与艺术家对话系列:作为艺术的摄影, 作为摄影的艺术 Monthly Artist Talk : Photography as Art, Art as Photography

时间:2016  6  16 日(周四)18:30

Time: Thursday, June 16, 18:30

地点:上海美国中心(南京西路 1376 号上海商城东峰 540 室)
Venue: Shanghai American Center, Room 540, East Tower, No. 1376 West Nanjing Rd
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本月上海美国中心“与艺术家对话系列”讲座的主题是作为艺术的摄影。我们将会提出这样一个问题:我们每天随手拍下的照片,和那些陈列在博物馆和画廊的照片有何不同?为探讨这个问题,艺术史学者Julie Chun将会带领大家回顾摄影作为一种艺术形式的诞生与发展,随后,本届三影堂摄影奖提名者之一的摄影师Ruya Qian将会参与讨论,通过她的专业视角,我们将会了解到摄影是如何从单纯的记录发展为一种艺术创作的概念平台。

The focus of this month’s Artist Talk series at the Shanghai American Center is photography as an artistic genre. We will ask the question: ‘What differentiates the daily photos each of us takes from those placed in museums and galleries?’  To explore this phenomenon, Art Historian Julie Chun will talk about the emergence of photography as an artistic medium followed by a discussion with Photographer Ruya Qian, one of the nominees of this year's Three Shadows Photography Award.  Through her insight, we will be able to gain an understanding of how photography can evolve from its original intent of documentation to a conceptual interplay for artistic creations.  


This event will be in English with limited Chinese. Please bring your photo ID to enter the Shanghai American Center.